MT4 NinjaTrader bridge. Connecting MT4 to NinjaTrader.

mt4 ninjatrader bridge. Connecting MT4 to NinjaTrader.

The MT4 NinjaTrader bridge (connector) establishes a connection between MT4 and NinjaTrader to copy trades from one trading terminal to another.

Traders who use non-standard approaches in trading are often faced with a situation when the necessary analytical data, analysis tools or special useful functions are available in one platform, but absent in the other, where a trading account is opened.  For instance, many brokers do not provide access to NinjaTrader. In this case, the trader may be satisfied with all the conditions, except with the available platform.

How to avoid this situation and combine the capabilities of the two platforms?

There is a solution – MT4 and NinjaTrader can be connected to each other. But not everything is that simple. The technical capabilities of these two platforms do not allow synchronization with each other without the use of auxiliary software solutions. Using a special bridge (connector) between MT4 and NinjaTrader terminals helps to overcome these technical limitations.

How we help traders combine the benefits of the two platforms

The MT4 NinjaTrader bridge that we offer is not a ready-made universal solution, but an individual product developed for specific customer requirements.

Bridge is implemented in the form of two auxiliary trading robots (Expert Advisor and Automated Strategy) – a provider robot that sends signals and a receiving robot that receives them.

copy trades from mt4 to ninjatrader
connect mt4 to ninjatrader

The bridge can only work in one selected direction: MT4 → NinjaTrader or NinjaTrader → MT4. Due to the technical features of the platforms, reverse copying of trades is not supported. A bridge that supports this function will not be able to provide stable and reliable operation without errors. For this reason, they are two completely different products.

The installation of the bridge is extremely clear and simple. No complicated multi-step algorithms and incomprehensible instructions. No third party software is needed either.

Copying trades from MT4 to NinjaTrader or vice versa is easy and convenient. You simply open a trade in the main working terminal, and it is automatically duplicated in the attached one. If you want to change the parameters of a trade or close it, all changes will immediately be displayed synchronously in another connected terminal.

Reliability and stability of the bridge operation is ensured by the functions of error handling and saving settings and trades in case of loss of connection or reboot of the trading terminal.

Depending on your individual requirements, in addition to the standard process of copying trades, we can expand the capabilities of the bridge with the following useful functions:

Filtering trades

  • Flexible settings for filtering trades: by symbol, by direction (BUY / SELL), by order type, by comment / magic number.
  • Setting the parameters of the maximum difference in the prices of opening trades (slippage) and the maximum time delay.

Volume setting

  • Setting the methods for calculating the lot: fixed lot, risk per trade in% of the current size of the balance / equity.
  • Flexible configuration of automatic lot calculation – taking into account the ratio of the size of deposits, leverage, the difference in the currency of the trading account in the calculations.

Risk – management

  • Settings for stopping copying or closing all trades when the minimum equity / maximum drawdown is reached.

Working hours restrictions

  • Setting the time for copying trades: by days of the week, by start and end times within a day.


  • Setting up alerts for different conditions from MT4 to NinjaTrader or vice versa.

Make a request for a free consultation – tell us what type of bridge you want to use and what special tasks it should solve. Our developers will analyse your request in detail and offer the optimal technical solution, taking into account your individual needs.

Support and guarantees

We provide technical and consulting support to our customers. The bridge we have developed has a Life-Time Bug-Free Guarantee. Constant attention to detail and continuous improvement of the development process allows us to be confident in the quality of our bridge.