Converting MT4 Indicator into an EA. Creation of an EA from an Indicator

Converting mt4 indicator into an EA

Our developers will help you solve your problem of converting an MT4 indicator into an Expert Advisor (EA).

Traders often try to solve this problem using specialised automatic conversion programs or universal expert advisors. All these auxiliary solutions have one major drawback – they cannot cope with complex trading strategies that contain a large number of conditions and combined options for actions and calculations. In auxiliary solutions, there is a possibility of some settings, but in most cases you will encounter significant restrictions on customising the Expert Advisor for your individual tasks.

Our conversion service is designed for traders who want their developed trading strategy, on which a lot of time and effort was spent, to work in strict accordance with their established rules, without any restrictions imposed by universal solutions used for automatic conversion.

With our developers, you can create an EA from an indicator with almost unlimited functionality. Individual development will allow you to implement all your ideas and take into account even the smallest features of your trading strategy.

Here are some examples of just a few functions that have already become standard, with which we can expand the functionality of the Expert Advisor you are creating:

Order management

  • Take Profit (fixed, partial closing by conditions and customisable proportions, by ATR indicator, etc.)
  • Stop Loss (fixed, in % of the deposit, according to the ATR indicator, etc.)
  • Trailing Stop
  • Breakeven (setting Stop Loss to the Breakeven point)
  • Virtual Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop functions
  • OCO (One-Cancels-the-Other) Orders
  • The function of closing positions by total profit or loss

Capital and risk management

mt4 Capital and risk management
  • Fixed lot
  • Risk per trade in % of the current size of the balance / equity
  • Martingale mode with customizable lot multiplier for the following orders
  • Averaging function of a losing position
  • Blocking trades / forced closing all open trades after a certain percentage of drawdown

Setting the parameters of entry / exit from positions

mt4 Setting the parameters of entry exit from positions
  • Opening trades only to buy or only to sell
  • Limiting the total number of open positions and separately for buying and selling
  • Using the News Filter to Avoid Vague Market Movements

Configuring Time Limit Options

mt4 Setting up trading on specific days
  • Setting the start and end time of trading (minutes, hours), the EA will trade only in a certain time period
  • Setting up trading on specific days of the week
  • Enable or disable trading for Asian, European or American sessions
  • Turn on automatic detection of GMT and DST, select time zones, change the clock to summer / winter time

Configuring alerts and other useful features

mt4 Push - notifications, alerts, notifications to email
  • Push – notifications, alerts, notifications to email and mobile devices
  • The function of manual confirmation of the opening of a trade by the signal generated by the EA
  • Taking a screenshot of the chart at the moment of opening a trade

We can add other functions at the detailed discussion of your project.

Also, if necessary, we can create an Expert Advisor based on your Indicator for other trading platforms such as MetaTrader 5, NinjaTrader, TradeStation and cTrader.

We like and know how to solve complex and non-standard tasks. Request a free consultation – our developers will analyse your requirements in detail and provide information on the timing and cost of your project.

The EA developed by us has a Life-Time Bug-Free Guarantee and is provided to the customer along with the source code.