Telegram signals to MT4 trade copier.

copy signals from telegram to mt4

We propose the development of an Expert Advisor (EA), which will copy signals / trades from Telegram to MT4 in a fully automatic mode. This is not a finished universal product. Unlike off-the-shelf products that you can find in bulk, our customised adaptive solutions are unique and tailored to your needs. No complicated extra features you will never use, no expensive subscriptions. The developed product and the rights to it will be fully owned by you. And all this will be accompanied by our technical support and a lifetime warranty on the absence of errors.

EA connects to all your Telegram channels, scans all signals received from them, and then copies these trades in the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) terminal. The transmission of Telegram signals to MT4 trade copier takes place in real time, the signals turn into deals in seconds.

Our custom-designed product offers you the freedom to fully customise your copy settings, filter settings, and control settings.

telegram signal to mt4 copier

What can be your EA that copies signals from Telegram to MT4?

Examples of the most requested features that our customers include in their EAs (MT4 trade copier):

Signal Filter Management

Asset limitation. Copying only certain assets with the ability to configure exclusions. For example, you can exclude all assets with GBP and then trades on the GBPUSD, EURGBP, GBPCHF, etc. currency pairs will not open.

Time limit. Setting the time range for copying signals and working only on certain trading sessions (American, European and Asian).

Control of the maximum price difference. Setting the maximum price difference between the real entry price and the entry price from the signal provider.

Using the news filter. Add the ability not to open trades during important news releases to avoid uncertain market movements.

Order Management

Take Profit & Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss and Breakeven. If the signal provider has not specified Take Profit or Stop Loss values, EA will set them to the default values ​​on its own.

Multiple Take Profit levels (TP1, TP2, etc.) and in combination with dynamic Stop Loss. Our EA can read multiple Take Profit levels and execute each one. You can apply advanced settings and set your own rules for opening / closing trades.

Custom Take Profit & Stop Loss levels. You can choose to copy exactly like the signal provider or using pre-set custom order values. With custom TP and SL levels, the EA will ignore the order values ​​specified by the signal provider and will use your own values).

Market or pending order execution. You can choose how to enter a trade based on a signal: opening a trade on an instant market order or on a pending order (signal provider price).

Expiry date of pending orders. Set your own pending order expiration time.

Capital and Risk Management

Fixed lot or percentage of risk per trade from the current balance/equity. Set your capital management option in EA settings.

Risk management for each asset on each account. For example, gold with a fixed lot, and currencies with a percentage of risk per trade.

Risk management on every channel. Set up a specific money management method for each channel to make risk management easier for different signal providers.

Force close all open trades after a certain drawdown percentage.

EA Remote Control via Telegram Commands

You send commands to Telegram, and the EA executes them in the terminal in real time. Some possible commands:

  • Open an order (Buy, Sell, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop), while the TP and SL values ​​will be set automatically;
  • Close order;
  • Partially close the order;
  • Change order (change open price, Stop Loss, Take Profit);
  • Moving an order to breakeven;
  • Close all profitable orders;
  • Close all orders;
  • and other custom commands.

Analytical Reports

Analytical reports on trading results both in general and separately for each signal provider (daily / weekly, broken down by assets).

Telegram Alerts

Telegram Alerts can be used as a standalone product, or all of its functions can be integrated into the signal copier and used as a single product. Telegram Alerts as a separate product is also in demand, as not all traders need to copy trades from channels. A separate share of traders use only alerts.

MT4 Telegram Alerts send trade alerts to Telegram

mt4 to telegram

Functions it can perform:

  • Alerts in Telegram about all EA actions: opening, closing, modifying orders, informing about the status of open positions with setting the frequency of such reports, informing about errors and failures, and other important notifications);
  • The function of manually confirming the opening trade. Telegram receives a message about the appearance of a new signal, with a response message confirming the entry into trade, after which EA opens trade;
  • Sending screenshots of trades / signals from MetaTrader 4 to a Telegram channel / group.

You determine the composition of the functions yourself. You can add any of your non-standard features at the stage of detailed discussion of your project.

At your request, we can create an EA for you that will copy Telegram signals to MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

We like and know how to solve complex and non-standard tasks. Request a free consultation – our developers will analyse your requirements in detail and provide information on the timing and cost of your project.