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NinjaTrader Developers. Automated Trading Ninjatrader.
NinjaTrader Developers create, modify, and improve custom indicators and automated strategies that run on the NinjaTrader platform. Nordman Algorithms is an experienced team of developers with backgrounds in trading, programming, and system development.

A good, automated trading strategy can make a significant improvement to your trading performance. Trading systems can run 24 hours a day and cover more markets, thereby increasing the number of profitable opportunities significantly. Automated trading systems can also execute trades in seconds which reduced slippage. A systematic approach eliminates ambiguity and the effects of emotion on decisions.

As a trader you can also significantly improve your edge by leveraging NinjaTrader’s powerful features with an automated strategy or a custom indicator. If you hire a skilled NinjaTrader developer to help you build your trading system or indicator, you will be able to take advantage of as many of these features as possible.

NinjaTrader Automated Strategies Development

The team at Nordman Algorithms has extensive experience building and trading automated systems on several trading platforms including NinjaTrader.

NinjaTrader Developers build and develop automated trading strategies to run on the NinjaTrader platform.

If a strategy can be clearly defined in terms of exit and entry criteria, it can be fully automated or used to generate signals on the NinjaTrader platform.

NinjaTrader Developer

Here are just a few examples of the types of solutions we can develop and build for you:

  • Turn your ideas into a fully automated or semi-automated trading system
  • Combine several systems into one
  • Migrate an existing system from a different platform to NinjaTrader
  • Optimise and improve an existing strategy or adapt it for a specific market or market conditions
  • Enhance an automated strategy so that it adapts to changing market conditions
  • Ensure a trading system can be properly back tested and that insightful reports are generated.

Trading systems do not have to be fully automated, and can instead be used to generate signals, with you the trader making the final decision on execution. Alerts and signals for fully automated or semi-automated systems can be delivered to any devices by email or SMS. Signals can also be shown visually on NinjaTrader charts.

Our NinjaTrader Developers have experience working with most types of trading systems including trend following and mean reversion systems. We can work with any type of indicator including moving averages and oscillators, as well as with external data sources.

NinjaTrader Custom Indicators Development

NinjaTrader Developers also develop custom indicators that can be used for discretionary trading or as part of an automated strategy.

Nordman Algorithm’s team of NinjaTrader Developers can create indicators, both simple and complex, based on your ideas and observations.

Our Programmers always strive to do their best to truly understand your needs and are focused on creating indicators with features and capabilities that fully meet your expectations.

NinjaTrader Indicator Developer

The following are examples of the types of indicators we can build for you:

  • Create a simple or complex indicator based on your ideas or observations
  • Incorporate external data sources to enhance an indicator
  • Improve existing indicators so that they are better suited to a specific market
  • Generate alerts and signals when certain conditions are met by an indicator. Alerts and signals can be visually displayed on a chart or sent by SMS or email to any device
  • Alter an existing indicator to make it adaptive to market conditions
  • Combine several indicators so that your chart layout is less cluttered.

Some trading opportunities cannot be captured with a mechanical trading system. In some cases, a discretionary approach rather than a systematic approach is more appropriate too. In both cases, custom indicators can give you valuable insights into potential opportunities

Indicators and other market data can also be used to generate reports to give you insights about current conditions for a specific market or several markets.

Our Development Process

Our NinjaTrader Developer team is ready to create or modify your automated strategy or custom indicator. When we receive an enquiry, we follow this 7-step development process:


Analyze your request. The first step is to make sure we understand your requirements. If there is anything we are unsure of we will communicate with you to make sure we know exactly what you require.

Share our expertise on the key points of your trading strategy. We will draw from our experience and knowledge of trading systems, platforms, and market data to identify any weaknesses in the system or opportunities for improvement. After consulting with you we will make any necessary changes to the system’s requirements.

Development of efficient algorithm. Our NinjaTrader developers will then create or modify the indicator or trading system in the NinjaTrader programming language (NinjaScript).

Beta-testing. Initial testing is done to identify any bugs or problems.

Fine-tuning. Adjustments and improvements are made to ensure the code runs as efficiently as possible.

Optimization and back-test. At this point we will back-test the indicator or strategy to ensure it is performing correctly and optimize parameters where necessary.

Continuous support. The project is complete when it is installed and running on your computer. However, we will also provide ongoing support if and when required.

If you want to create your own Strategy or Indicator according to your individual requirementsmake a request for a free consultation. Describe your idea and our NinjaTrader Developers will analyze your task in detail, prepare clarifications that will help to understand your project, provide the approximate quote for the development and offer a technical solution that suits your needs.