MT4 Custom Indicator Programming Services

MetaTrader 4 MT4 Indicator programmer
Our team of qualified MQL4 / MT4 programmers offers services for the development of custom MT4 indicators that automate one-of-a-kind calculation processes and solve specialized tasks of traders for whom the existing products on the market are insufficient.

The main purpose of using and developing any indicator is to simplify the analysis of a huge amount of information presented on price charts as much as possible. The constant search and waiting for a confirmation of the coincidence of all the necessary conditions for opening trades takes a lot of time and efforts from any trader. Automation of this process at a certain stage of a trader’s evolution becomes a priority task.

Automated execution of calculations using specific formulas, based on a large amount of incoming market data, is the main feature of indicators. Due to this, the most complex concepts can be plotted on a chart in a matter of seconds, which greatly simplifies the task of performing technical analysis for traders and increases the efficiency of their trading.

The development of your own indicator becomes relevant, as a rule, for experienced traders who want to get a technical instrument with unique custom settings and parameters to use in their trading strategy. The fundamental idea of each trading strategy can be both a special combination of already known standard technical indicators and unique patterns, modified calculation formulas and patterns found by traders during long-term observation, analysis and testing.

With all the variety of standard and custom indicators available on the market, there may simply not be a tool suitable for all the requirements for implementing the idea. The solution to this problem is the development of a custom indicator, fully adapted to the performance of the specialized tasks of the trader.

Ordering the development of an indicator from us, you will receive a full range of services for its programming, testing and support. With tens of years of experience, our MQL4 / MT4 programmers quickly develop reliable indicators that meet all customer’s requirements, providing source code and the lifetime bug-free guarantee.

Functionality of Custom MT4 Indicators

This list contains just a few examples of functionality that can be implemented.

  • Alert notifications. Pop-up alerts, email notifications, push notifications, audible alerts as well as Telegram alerts integration. Setting up for both general notifications and specific signals / events alerts;
  • Notifications about the current state of the account. Sending a report to a mobile phone and e-mail on the current state of the account: Balance, Equity, data on current open positions and their profit;
  • Personalization. Setting the color of charts, candles, text, graphical objects. Adding custom sounds for any event in the terminal;
  • Time information. Display of local, GMT, broker time, taking into account daylight savings time, timers (until certain events, bar-timers). Graphical display of Forex time zones and sessions (American, European, Asian, Pacific), exchanges (New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Sydney and others). Configuring notifications about the beginning and the end of sessions;
  • Navigation and data display control. Change to the required symbol and time frame in one click, buttons to hide / display data, arrows to move the data panel on the chart;
  • Autosave screenshots of the work schedule when new signals are found.At a certain predetermined interval (for example, every 10 minutes from the moment of launch) every time a new bar (candle) is opened;
  • Data on the current state of the account. Balance, Equity, Free Margin, Leverage, Profit, Spread. The number and volume (lot) of opened positions. Calculation of the breakeven price based on opened positions;
  • Evaluation of trading efficiency and reporting. Number of trades, total lot, profit on the current opened and closed positions for different time periods (day, week, month, year). Display of the data both in total for the account and separately for each instrument / magic number / comment. Data on the current and maximum balance drawdown. Exporting data to Excel;
  • Data import and export. Setting up data import from third-party websites, for example, for news-based trading (forexfactory, myFXbook).
  • Authorization of graphical objects. Automatic plotting on the chart with the specified parameters of analytical graphical tools: support / resistance lines, trend lines, Fibonacci, Gann tools, as well as various geometric shapes that allow you to highlight certain areas on the price chart;
  • Visualization of the history of opened trades. Demonstration of the data on closed positions from the account history on the current chart (displayed as in the Strategy Tester);
  • Dll protection. Protection against hacking of the indicator source code and its unauthorized usage.

Examples of Custom Indicators Developed

MT4 Support & Resistance Indicator

Support and Resistance Indicator is designed to find support and resistance levels. The indicator is based on a specially developed calculation algorithm that allows you to assess the strength of S&R zones. The defined levels increase the accuracy of forecasting the price behavior and help in finding points for setting take profit and stop loss orders. It is used by traders as an independent tool and as an additional tool in the trading system.

MT4 Candlestick Pattern Indicator

Candlestick Pattern Indicator — is a multi-currency and multi-time frame indicator, which identifies the most popular candlestick patterns such as: Morning Star / Evening Star, Piercing / Dark Cloud, Doji, Engulfing, Hammer / Shooting Star, Rising Three / Falling Three and others. It has the ability to turn on/off each pattern independently, which allows you to concentarte only on those patterns that you consider in your trading system. Each pattern has its own alert notification.

MT4 News and Economic Calendar Indicator

Forex News and Economic Calendar Indicator presents information on past and upcoming news events in the Forex economic calendar. The indicator helps traders to not miss any important news event and contains only the most important data for analysis and decision making: name, day, time, assessment of the degree of importance of the event, actual assessment of the impact and publication status of the news event.

MT4 Harmonic Patterns Scanner / Indicator

Harmonic Patterns Scanner is an indicator used for detection of harmonic patterns using calculations based on Fibonacci ratios. Harmonic Scanner is a multi-currency and a multi-time frame indicator – on the same chart it displays detected harmonic patterns for all symbols and time frames simultaneously. The main purpose of the tool is to correctly identify harmonic patterns to improve the accuracy of price movements’ prediction and trades’ entries.

MT4 Multi Time Frame Trend Indicator

Multi Time Frame Trend Indicator – designed to identify trend reversals using the standard Bollinger Bands and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicators. Implementation in the form of a dashboard allows you to display the detected trading signals at once on all used symbols and timeframes. The dashboard helps traders to quickly analyze the market and quickly change symbols and periods in one click, in order to not miss out profitable trading opportunities.

MT4 Auto Fibonacci Trade Zone Indicator

Auto Fibonacci Trade Zone Indicator identifies key support and resistance areas calculated based on Fibonacci ratios and levels. Fibonacci levels highlight several zones in which a retracement may happen and continue to move in the direction of the trend. In trading strategies based on price reversals and breakouts, it is used by traders as an auxiliary tool for confirming entry points and determining the levels for setting orders.

If you want to create your own MT4 indicator developed according to your individual requirements — make a request via “Request a quote” button. Describe your idea and our MT4 Programmers will analyze your task in detail, prepare clarifications that will help to understand your project in detail and will provide the approximet quote for the project and offer a technical solution that suits your needs.