MT4 News Indicator (Dashboard)

MT4 News Indicator
MT4 News Indicator presents information on past and upcoming news events in the Forex economic calendar. The indicator helps traders to not miss any important news event and contains only the most important data for analysis and decision making: name, day, time, assessment of the degree of importance of the event, actual assessment of the impact and publication status of the news event.

MT4 News Indicator

MT4 News Indicator is an indicator that displays information about past and upcoming news events of Forex economic calendar.  News indicator will clearly show the exact time an economic release is expected so you can track all the events easily.


How to trade using MT4 News Indicator?

The indicator info panel contains all the necessary data on one chart. Displaying economic news directly in the trading terminal, it eliminates the need for the trader to search for the events on the Internet and allows to completely concentrate on trading. The indicator always displays current data and is updated online. The news source is the well-known among traders web-site.

MT4 News Indicator is a key tool that helps traders to not miss any important news event. Therefore, for the convenience of its use, it is not overloaded with unnecessary information and contains only the most important data for analysis and decision making:

  • Day and Time: Day and time of a news event;
  • Symbol: The currency that will be affected by the publication of the economic data. The indicator displays news for each currency pair available on Forex market;
  • Name: Name of the report/event of the economic calendar. Upcoming events are displayed both in the information panel and on the chart in the form of a vertical line with a listing of the main data and in accordance with the news release time;
  • Impact: Assessment of the degree of importance of the event and its probability to significantly affect the movement of the market. The information panel displays 2 types of major economic events, the color and significance of which depends on the assessment of their importance: HIGH (Red) — high level of influence and MEDIUM (Orange) — medium level of influence;
  • Influence: The actual assessment of the impact of published data. The assessment is carried out according to 3 variants of the development of events: coincidence with the forecast (NO influence) (NO is also used for the events that are still expected), BETTER — the data turned out to be better than the forecast, and WORSE — the data turned out to be worse than expected;
  • Status: Shows the current status of the event: publication of the data is expected, or the event have already been published.

Another important point in terms of ease of use of the indicator is the location of the information panel in a separate window under the chart. This solution allows you to view the chart without interference and adjust the size of the indicator panel based on your personal preferences.

The importance of the fundamental analysis and events of the economic calendar in Forex trading is undeniable and, in our opinion, the news indicator will become an effective and useful addition to any trading strategy.


Custom Programming

mt4 custom programming
We can upgrade the presented indicator to suit your needs – add new functions, change the algorithm for calculating signals, or combine it with your other indicator, turning it into a single powerful tool for your trading strategy.

We can also turn the indicator into an Expert Advisor (trading robot) with an extended set of custom functions (stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, risk management parameters, trading time limit, and others).

Request a free consultation from our team of professional programmers and find out the cost and timing of your project development.


Nordman Algorithms is not liable for any risk that you face using the software. Please, use the software on your own responsibility. The software is coded in accordance with a common known concept and Nordman Algorithms does not guarantee accuracy or trading performance of the software signals.

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