NinjaTrader Strategy & Indicator Development

NinjaTrader Indicator programming
If you want to create your own strategies and indicators to run on NinjaTrader, there are several good reasons to get help from a team of experienced NinjaScript developers.

As the trader, you will obviously develop the concept for a strategy. You can also write the code yourself using NinjaTrader’s strategy builder. However, it is well worth the cost outsourcing the NinjaTrader custom programming to a skilled programmer. This will ensure that the strategy or indicator is reliable and does what it is intended to do. The expense of outsourcing this crucial part of the process will be a fraction of the amount that can be lost due to missed opportunities in the future.

The same applies to NinjaTrader indicator development. A custom indictor that gives you an edge will probably have some complexity. Turning sophisticated concepts into indicators requires the right skills and experience.

NinjaTrader Strategy Development

Most traders are well aware of the many advantages of automated trading systems. Not only do they eliminate emotion and human error from the trading process, but they free up time. Automated strategies can run 24/7 on multiple markets around the world, expanding the opportunity set for a trader.

Powerful strategies can be coded to run on NinjaTrader. But NinjaTrader strategy programming can be a challenge for those without the right skills. While simple programs can be created using the strategy builder, today’s market environment typically requires more complex strategies that leverage all of NinjaTrader’s capabilities.

A NinjaTrader programmer needs three skills to make sure an automated strategy works properly and leverages the full capabilities of the platform.

  • Experience trading and developing trading strategies;
  • General programming skills;
  • Specific knowledge about NinjaTrader 8 and Ninjascript.

To make sure a trading system works as it is meant to, a strategy must be developed by a NinjaTrader strategy programmer with the right skillset.

An experienced NinjaTrader strategy development team will ensure that you have a trading system you can rely on.

NinjaTrader Indicator Development

If you want to create custom indicators, it’s also worth getting an experienced NinjaTrader indicator programmer to help you.

Whether you are a discretionary or system trader, custom indicators can help you develop a unique edge. Custom indicators can be developed to exploit patterns that occur in certain markets, or on particular timeframes. A custom indicator will also give you a more unique edge, so it is likely to last longer.

The NinjaTrader indicator development process typically starts by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of existing indicators. These existing indicators are then adapted to suit the market and timeframe being traded. But there are often better ways to achieve the same goal. This is where experience and programming knowledge comes in.

Your indicator will be more effective if it is developed by a skilled NinjaTrader indicator programming team. An experienced NinjaTrader programmer will be able to not only implement the idea in the best way possible but also identify ways to improve on the initial idea.

What We Do

Nordman Algorithms is a team of professional trading strategy programmers. The company specializes in developing trading strategies and indicators for NinjaTrader, MetaTrader and c Trader.

The team has extensive experience in all aspects of developing automated strategies from idea to full implantation. We have specific expertise in:

  • Tuning complex concepts into efficient code;
  • Leveraging the full power of each platform;
  • Anticipating problem that may arise and identifying weaknesses in the concept;
  • Identifying flaws in the logic behind a strategy;
  • Ensuring that the indicator or strategy can be adapted or altered in the future.

Whether you have just a basic idea of what you want, or a fully developed concept, Nordman Algorithms will be able to turn it into an effective indicator or strategy.